Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Recent CVCV.com sales data

cvcv.com have always been popular but they're selling really well right now.

Here are some recent cvcv sales over the last couple of months

didu.com $5900 Sedo
hipe.com $5205 Sedo
fulo.com $4505 Sedo
piwo.com $3110 Sedo
zegu.com $3100 Sedo
lufo.com $2622 Sedo
bifu.com $1801 Sedo
cigu.com $1500 Sedo
ciyi.com $1300 Sedo
weku.com $1300 Sedo
coyu.com $1211 NameJet
weri.com $1034 NameJet
vupo.com $927 Sedo

UpMarketUrls.com is brokering many top end cvcv coms right now

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